Child Sponsorship

In a very special and personalised way, this is may be the best way to reach out and touch the life of a needy child which is sure to bring the child hope and confidence and immense joy and satisfaction to the sponsor.

A sponsor may get to know a child through cards, letters and whenever possible through personal visits. The Home also regularly communicates with Sponsors through individualised reports and letters the progress of the child in the areas of education, health and general development.

A Sponsors monthly donation of Rs. 500/- (US$-11.00/UK£-8.00) will be combined with other donations to meet the needs of the child through development programmes such as education/vocationally training, nutrition/health and rehabilitations. This way all children benefit from your donation and sponsorship.

Though these sponsorships are usually individual, we encourage groups, clubs, businesses, institutions and churches to also take on the responsibility of sponsorship/s.






Program Sponsorship

A Donor may donate towards the life and work of the Home by contributing towards a particular programme, such as education, vocational training, shelter, food & nutrition, clothing & bedding and health & hygiene, which will benefit all the children of the Home and enable the Home to provide qualitative programmes which will go a long way in the development process and rehabilitation of the child.

A Sponsor is free to customise and contribute towards any of the above programmes any amount per month/year. .Such donations may be made by individuals, groups, clubs, businesses and institutions such as schools, churches, funding agencies etc.





Donors who wish to provide for the Home during their life time and beyond and who are interested in making a difference in the life of marginalised (orphan & destitute) children of the Home, may accordingly set-up a legacy fund with the Home for this purpose.

A legacy can be a one-time donation starting from Rs.1,00,000/- (US$-2,100/UK£- 1,300) or may be built up as the Donor so wishes. This may include cash, stocks, bonds, mutual funds or immovable property in India.

The legacy is invested as an Endowment and the interest/return on investment contributes towards education, vocational training, shelter, food & nutrition, clothing & bedding and health & hygiene and other assistance for the benefit of the children of the Home or is designated for the sponsorship of one or more children for the duration of their stay in the Home.





Accountability & transparency form an integral part of how we work and we at St. Crispin’s Home are committed to these financial principals at all levels ie., with donors, financial institutions and various government departments.

These financial principals are implemented and accomplished through internal checks & balances, evaluations and , regular statutory audits (always up-to-date) and bi-annual Government assessment of the Home.

We ensure that all donations, sponsorship and contributions are applied for the development of all the children in our care, for whom we endeavour to do our best.