During the last decade we have made significant achievements, such as:

- Extending Social/Child welfare activities and services to poor non-residential children.

- Schooling for about 375 children from surrounding slums in addition to the 300 living with us.

- Extending the primary school from Std. VIIth to Xth.

- Encouraging individualized training courses and rehabilitation options according to aptitude and/or individual needs of each child.

- Curbing mal-nutrition. Now we do not have any under nourished children.

- Curbing (almost eradicated) all skin and other tropical diseases especially scabies.

- Mid-way residential facility to enable rehabilitation our young women to be rehabilitated in society by assisting them with job placement, marriage family reunion etc.

Achievements at the Social Welfare Centre

This was a non-residential, which exclusively focused on the development of the child in their respective family. This project consisted of about 285 children and their families who were destitute and from the economically weaker section of society. The focus was improving the scholastic standards of the child, encouraging dropouts to continue their education, promote vocational training courses and to start small income generating programmes (self help) along with their families to enable them to support themselves.

This programme also included providing wholesome food, medical, clothing, bedding, repairs to shelters, self-help projects etc.

During the tenure of the project about:

- 80 families were provided assistance to improve their earning capacity and further adequately provide for their children and families through trading, vegetable/fruit vending, tailoring, cycle shop, auto rickshaw, oven, laundry machine etc.,

- 120 children completed their vocational training and have taken up jobs and become self-sufficient.

- 45 shelters were repaired and renovated to improve the living conditions of families.

- 165 children completed their formal education and become independent as their family financial condition improved.

This project was complete one year ahead of schedule in the year 1999 and was found to be very encouraging as it motivated a number of children with their respective families to work towards self sufficiency with enthusiasm which brought much confidence into the lives of our children and their families by enabling them to become self reliant.

"In future it is our intention to promote more such projects, which will be for a fixed tenure and will include the child with the family, this will in turn enable us to include a higher number of deserving beneficiaries. "