Looking Ahead

The changing standards of social/child care, education and vocational training require proportionately higher quality and standard so that the children & women’s needs are met keeping in mind this fast changing world.

This cannot be done by cosmetic improvements and can be achieved by a very committed and systematic revamping, overhauling, implementing and re-building our social/child welfare activities to meet the demands of this century.

This has to be done to ensure that our children and women do not just hover around the poverty line with the likelihood of falling pray to poverty at the slightest instance, but rise way above it never to fall back.

To steer away from such a situation we will necessarily have to also inculcate qualitative changes while the children are growing and developing. This will enable them to live a qualitative, wholesome and dignified life with their families in an atmosphere of peace and harmony with and in the community.

Expand our Social/Child Welfare activity to include community health, family counselling, informal education for women recognizing that the women and mothers play a very important role in family development.

Keeping these very crucial aspects in mind, to sustain, continue and maintain a high standard of social/child care activities, we visualize our children growing and developing into confident young women with a purpose in life and in an atmosphere no different from that which is available in any middle-class Indian home.

This you will agree may look or sound easy, however it is a challenging task, which if done is sure to bring about an acceptable level of social justice and positively contribute to the strengthening of their family and moral values of the community.