Activities and Sevices :

Residential Child Care Facility (RCCF)

The Residential Child Care Facility (RCCF) is for about 360 children. The children are grouped together according to age into six groups. Each of these groups is identified by a name and is supervised by housemothers, who affectionately care for each of the children and ensures that the children have their food, baths, keep good health/hygiene and are involved in other related activities.


In this facility the children sleep on thick quilts laid out on the ground and which is rolled up and stacked daily. Each child is provided with safe shelter bedding, clothing, soap, oil and breakfast, lunch, an evening snack after school and dinner

Children up to the age of about 8 years and sick children have warm water baths, the remaining have cold water baths.

Depending on the study schedule, they are permitted to play indoor/outdoor games, read, listen music or view TV on week-ends and holidays.



other services & facilities in the RCCF are :

(i) Hospital

We have a 20 bed Infirmary which includes an isolation ward, dispensary with dental clinic and a Crèche for about 6 to 8 infants.

This unit is run with the help of honorary medical doctors and resident nurses. The Clinics are held twice a week and we look after about 80% of sickness ‘in-house’.

Complicated or serious cases are referred to specialists in one of the reputed hospitals in Pune.

Every child is also given a quarterly/monthly check-ups to ensure that they are keeping in good health.

(ii) Kitchen


Nutrition & Diet of the children is as per the laid down norms.

We have a traditional style kitchen, where preparation of food is done sitting on the floor.

The fuel used for cooking is a combination of LPG and firewood.

The kitchen is run by three staff working in shifts, they are responsible for preparation of sufficient, fresh and well balanced food for the children every-day.

This also includes special diets for sick and under nourished children if any.